Monday, December 15, 2014

Top actors signed for "Take the Wind Up With You: Making The Movie"

Deke Bixby
The auditions and screen tests are finished for the two lead roles in "Take The Wind Up With You: Making The Movie", and the two lucky actors are now preparing for their roles. The exciting young actor, Deke Bixby, fresh from his starring role in "Vampire Eagles," will play Tlocan, while the role of Ha-Keen will be taken by screen legend Morris Mouseman. Mouseman has worked exclusively on the British stage for the last two years; this is his first movie since "Mouse of Cards." This role could be a breakout role for Bixby, labeled "most promising" and "underrated" in the Hollywood press.

Morris Mouseman
Portions of the screen tests can be seen on youtube for both Bixby and Mouseman.

Filming for the movie is scheduled to begin after the first of the year.

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