Friday, October 3, 2014

Free Book Day Tomorrow!

Kindle copies of Take The Wind Up With You are FREE tomorrow, all day on Amazon! The more copies that go out, the happier I'll be. Just one day—Saturday, Oct. 4th—this time.

Please tell your friends!

I had a very productive afternoon, working on the music for Ha-Keen's song.

New happenings afoot

There's a lot of behind-the-scenes action going on with Ha-Keen and Tlocan, although none of it is ready to release yet. I've written songs for both of them. Here's an excerpt from each.

Tlocan's song:

Wings Across The Sun
Copyright ©2014, Patricia M. Ryan

I live to feel the wind
Flowing fast around my wings,
I soar into the blue above
The other living things.
I thrill to see the land
Rushing past me far below.
From here to the horizon,
There's no place I can't go!

Nothing else is so much fun,
I see my wings across the sun.
All I want to do is fly—
I am a hunter of the sky.

Ha-Keen's song:

Hunter Of The Night
Copyright©2014, Patricia M. Ryan

Here in this great canyon land,
Lives and grows our family.
A greater band of hunters
This place will never see.
We live our lives together,
We keep each other strong,
Sharing all our stories,
And singing all our songs.

So I sing this life of fun,
A life where skill and luck are one,
Here beneath the stars so bright,
I am a hunter of the night.

Another search through my Zion National Park photos yielded the definitive location of Lower Pines (above), and I'm constructing a set where I can make videos of Ha-Keen and Tlocan for Youtube. That's going to take me another week or two to get ready, and in the meantime I'm preparing to screen test the two characters.

It'll probably be a few weeks before I have anything to show, but when I do, you'll see it here first!