Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tlocan is flying, all around the world!

I want to say, Thank you! to all those people who took advantage of last weekend's promotion to download free copies of Take The Wind Up With You for their kindles and kindle readers. I'm happy to report that Tlocan is now in the air over Japan, the UK, Germany, and Canada, as well as many copies to the US! I hope you all enjoy the flights!

I wanted to share a copy of the first sketch of Ha-Keen that I made, trying to capture his intensity and wisdom. I have to admit, he still looks pretty young in this sketch. While it's true that rodents do age very gracefully, I am still working on how to show his advanced age, something that Tlocan realized very quickly when he was sizing him up.

Until next time, enjoy an exciting story and have a good time with your kin!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Next weekend: FREE BOOKS!

Announcing for August 23rd and 24th, kindle copies of Take The Wind Up With You will be FREE on Amazon, from 12:01am Saturday to 11:59pm on Sunday! Please, log in on Amazon.com and download a copy, and tell your friends!

And if you do read it, I'd love to hear what you think of it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tlocan has taken flight!

©2014, Patricia M. Ryan
The Kindle version of Take The Wind Up With You was released to Amazon.com last night, and he's flying all over the world as I write this. I'm thrilled to have this book completed and released, and I'm happy that Amazon provides such a great publishing path for self-published authors like me. Having been through the process before, I found it astonishingly easy to do a second time. If you don't have a Kindle, no problem—there's a free Kindle app for just about any kind of computer and device.

I'll have a link to its Amazon page here, as soon as I can remember how to do that!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The home of "Take The Wind Up With You"

The story of Tlocan and Ha-Keen in Take The Wind Up With You first came to me in 2003. After writing the first draft, it sat in the back of my imagination until the next fall, when I spent a week in Zion National Park. Seeing all those red rock cliffs and canyons breathed life and dimension into the story in my mind. I took hundreds of photographs as I walked and drove all around the area.

The high canyons
I found one canyon that I was sure Tlocan had flown through.

I found what might have been the mouse caves where Regia's clan lives, a long line of shallow caves above a line of undercuts and large caves that might shelter other animals.

The mouse caves at Lower Pines
These sloping ridges could have been the path from Upper Pines down to Lower Pines, and where Tlocan first tried to take shelter from the storm.

The canyon wall
The crisp desert air, soft morning light, and the stunning colors of the setting sun on the rocks still resonate in my imagination.

Morning light in a big canyon

But almost ten years went by before the story was ready to unfold in this world. As I edited the original manuscript, I realized how much affection I have for these characters, and I hope the richness of their lives as I see them comes through in the story.

A high, narrow ridge—great country for hunters
Bits and pieces of my own experiences have snuck into the tale. I lived in the desert southwest for several years as a child, and grew up with a fascination for raptors like Tlocan. I knew nothing about rodents of any kind, however, until one of my close friends adopted a wonderful female rat, and I learned how smart and affectionate she was. She loved live guitar music and eating Cheerios. Sometimes it wasn't hard at all to know what she was thinking.

Tlocan begins one adventure, and it becomes a much greater one. Before it's over, both he and Ha-Keen learn things about themselves that they never expected.

Take The Wind Up With You will be available for Kindle and Kindle reader apps on amazon.com VERY SOON!

Take The Wind Up With You and all photographs are Copyright©Patricia M. Ryan.