Sunday, November 23, 2014

Countdown deal on Amazon starts Tuesday, Nov. 25th

Yesterday I took my book poster and cards to a Christmas Bazaar and talked to several people about Take The Wind Up With You (TTWUWY for short). It was exciting to connect to people about it, especially the young people who like to read fictional animal stories.

TTWUWY will be an Amazon Countdown Deal from Tuesday, Nov. 25th through Dec. 1st, and the price will be 99 cents.

One young man asked me if it will be available in stores. For now the answer is no, the kindle version is all there is. I do want to make a print version, which will also be available on Amazon, but I haven't started working on that yet, so it'll be at least another year. I will announce on this blog when I start that work. At this time I'm still working on the first songs, which are coming along nicely and should be done this year, and my next project will be some short videos.

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